With Increasing work pressure and rising workplace stress, Organizations are now understanding the importance of employee health and wellness. Wellness of employee is very important for the business and organizational success. It influences the culture of the workplace, it’s resources and productivity. It is important to know that how employees are feeling, physically and mentally both, wellness covers physical and mental fitness by focusing on employee’s health, quality of life, overall wellbeing and consequently, their performance at work.
Since years Yoga has been helping mankind in maintaining its wellbeing through numerous ways, Healthy eating, various Aasnas etc. Consistent Yoga practice along with proper guidance can lead us to attain healthy mindset, lifestyle and work balance. Many companies around the world have started implementing corporate wellness programs to promote awareness for health among their employees.

Effectiveness of Yoga in Corporate Wellness –

Increased Energy

Our sedentary lifestyle and working of 8 hours every day create stress and cause fatigue and low energy. Through its dynamic movement yoga helps produce energy and reduce fatigue.

Improved Breathing

Sitting at one place for 8 hours lead to not only aches and pain but also lead to irregular breathing pattern as well, therefore yoga at work place is required for quick breathing asana which can be performed while sitting on your office chair.

Reduced Stress

Long working ours are very stressful and stress is a major factor which affects work productivity and employee health, yoga has been proven to be one of the best ways to reduce stress at workplace.

Better Digestion

Corporate lifestyle usually means sitting all day with least physical activity along with intake of junk foods which causes digestion issues. Many postures of yoga when done properly can aid in indigestion, heartburn and reduce acidity problems.

Better Immunity

Yoga benefits every part of your body unlike weight training or other exercises, regular practice of Yoga strengthens immunity system in holistic way.

Increased Productivity

Yoga not only benefits the physical health of employee but also increases their energy level and boost employee’s morale, making them more productive in their work.
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