#Watch&Do ~ Iyengar Yoga Everyday
#देखो-करो-योग ~ अय्येनगर योग, सबसे सरल

Watch & Do as the name suggests, is an online yoga class by ASMYI Iyengar Yoga Noida that fits the way we feel, and we do. Practice with our iyengar yoga teachers Nina Sagar and Varun Sagar, for 45 minutes of open level yoga three days a week without leaving the comfort of your home. This class is created to support virtual learning.

Just switch on your PC/ device and you are in class. We practice here and you practice there, as simple as that. For any query, we are always here!

~ Nina Sagar & Varun Sagar ~
Starts: 1st March, Last date to enroll: 27th February
Monday, Wednesday & Saturday
7:15 am to 8:00 am
6:00 pm to 6:45 pm

Live Online Safe

Who can do?



What is #Watch&Do?

Do yoga with us, every week. Over quick 45 mins. Yoga with simple home props like a chair, like a pillow 

Is it simple?

Doable asanas made even simpler. Anybody can fit in, everybody will get somewhere. Switch ON your computer. For everything else, we are here 

What asanas will we learn?

Series of basic asanas have been carefully developed keeping in mind a wide category of benefits 

I am too stiff, i cannot do that asana!

Do not worry, every session we will practice the similar routine & improvise. And in no time, you will cope up

What if i miss a session?

Does not matter. We see you again next day 

Fee: For 1 Month - Rs.2000 & For 3 Month - Rs.5400

Online yoga
Teacher - Student interactive

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