अथ योगानुशासनम्॥१॥
Atha yogānuśāsanam||1||
And now begins (atha) the instruction (anuśāsanam) regarding Yoga (yoga)||1|

Are you new to yoga, just beginning in yoga? First things first your present flexibility or strength has nothing to be worry about. Each of us is having unique body so is yoga practise. You need to have an urge to learn yoga with open mind and loving attitude. Always come with an attitude to be joyful while practicing yoga. Practice yoga to learn about true self.

For any issue, like knee pain, back pain or any other medical ailments, we request you to informs us in advance so that we can plan a do’s or don’ts while suggesting asanas as per your body’s present capabilities.
Have a look at the tips below and please feel free to contact us with any query!
• You need to be patient in beginning as simple asanas would help you to build tougher asanas.
• Do not try to force yourself at all while practicing an asana, just be there completely in beginning.
• For an asana, alignment is crucial so pay full attentions to all cues and make adjustments.
• Come with no expectations and discover each day is offering you something better than the last day.
• You know your body better than us, if during an asana or adjustment you feel uneasy, please let us know.
• Breath is backbone of an asana, so do not hold it until specified, let it flow and be in flow.
• Refrain from eating at least 2 hours prior the practice and 30 minutes after your practice. Please avoid attending a class after having a heavy meal.
• If you feel extremely thirsty, keep hydrated yourself throughout the day, avoid drinking water during practice.
• Yoga is for everyone and each asana works on our subtle energy, so practice it regularly for desired results.


Watch & Do

This class is best for anyone who is new to Iyengar Yoga. The basic understanding of alignment and adjustments is introduced over quick 45 minutes.

Take Care Restorative

Do yoga with us, every week. This class is for all and everybody, gentle restorative, restful yoga poses to bring calm and peace in your life.


Its the special initiative from ASMYI Iyengar Yoga, Noida. A complimentary iyengar yoga class for under privileged youth with a fire desire to learn yoga.

Ignite Intensive Workshop

An advance level worshop. It's a total mind-body workout that combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and relaxation.

We are indebted to our Guruji!

“Your body exists in past and your mind exists in future. In yoga they come together in the present”. Dr.B.K.S.Iyengar.


Come and learn about Iyengar Yoga

ASMYI Iyengar Yoga Noida is the first and only iyengar yoga studio in Noida (U.P). Through this blog, we would keep update about iyengar wisdom to better this life.


Join us for your employees wellness

Corporate Yoga is the extended concept of working peacefully in the midst of a hectic corporate environment.Our live and interactive Yoga sessions delivered right to the company’s conference room is best for your employees holistic health.


Feel free to ask anything about Yoga

Yoga FAQ for beginners. If you’re just starting yoga, here’s what you need to know.


Our Teachers

Everybody who walks through our studio doors are safe in the hands of highly experienced yoga teachers Nina & Varun

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Varun Sagar

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